Dear Nataliya,
It was great pleasure meeting you in your beautiful city. I would like to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and guidance during my stay in Lviv. And once again thank you for your intellectual and historical knowledge. I will highly recommend you to people whom would like to visit Lviv, with all my respect.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Murat İlter

Dear Natalia,
Once more I would like to thank you for your precious and professional services. Everything was more than ok and your help was really valuable. Its not only the interpreter services you provided us but your extra help of making the phone calls to the agencies, arranging the meetings with them and also directing us in the city were really help coming from “God”.

Nikos and Petros (Greece) November 2012

Dear Natalia,
Thank you for guiding me through the magic of Leopoli. It was a sunny lovely day, and I could experience with you stunning sights, enjoy the beauty of buildings, and the quality of coffee and food. I hope that in next future many ones will have the chance to live my same experience, as you are able to make people feel the real atmosphere of that lovely city. Good luck for everything.

with my best regards,
Marco Agus, Ph.D., Italy October 2012

Nataliya was my guide for a week in September 2012. She is punctual, cheerful, dedicated, honest and gregarious with a story about many aspects of Lviv and the Ukraine.

She helpfully provided advice and day time tourism on an adaptable variety of Lviv and area tours. Recomended.

Lee Matheson, Darmstadt, Germany

I discovered an excellent tour and excursion guide by the name of Nataliya from Lviv last July when I came to visit Lviv. Before that I was in Chernigov a very cold unfriendly city not at all like Lviv which is a very warm and inviting city that any serious tourist coming to the former Soviet Union country of Ukraine should not miss.

Here in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv is a city to behold which is very rich with many interesting sights and points of interest because this city was under the control of the Poles, Czechs, Austrian-Hungarians, Prussians, Germans and Russians making it a very eclectic city.

I learned all this information from Nataliya who is very knowledgeable about everything that is the city of Lviv. She took me to museums and so many churches and cathedrals that I lost count.

She is also an accomplished photographer who took many photos of me making them great memorials (souvenirs) of my visit to Lviv.

I can honestly say that I can most heartily recommend Nataliya as a tour/excursion guide if you ever decide to visit Lviv for any amount of time.

Dr. Luigi Schiavo, PhD, DSc, JD, MD

I am from Canada and I travelled to Europe in June of 2011 and went to seven countries including Ukraine. Prior to coming to Ukraine I was unsure of where to stay and what to do. I emailed Nataliya about a month prior to coming to Ukraine and she helped me pick a place to stay and she also helped me plan some site seeing before I even came to Ukraine. As soon as I arrived in Lviv, Nataliya greeted me at the bus station and helped me get to my Hostel. Once I checked in my hostel she showed me around the old town and even went to a great restaurant in the evening. Nataliya showed me the Castle hill which had a great view and we went to some old churches. On my third day in Ukraine, Nataliya and I went on a Castle tour outside of Lviv. This was a tour which was in Russian and I only speak English. Nataliya translated the tour to me in English which was really great and I highly recommend this castle tour. And on my last day in Lviv, Nataliya helped me get to the bus station and ensured that I was on the correct bus to travel to Poland. I would highly recommend Nataliya as a travel guide because she made the trip to Lviv very exciting.

Thank you Nataliya,
Dan Carson

Dear Nataliya,
Thanks, You have helped me very much in my last four visits to the Ukraine. I have tried other translators in the past, and none were as helpful as you. You are far more than a translator. Your help in setting up an apartment for me, the places you showed us from night clubs, catacombs, to even swimming with dolphins. You even went with me to meet some people from Odessa to help me understand them, and how people from the Ukraine look at things.

Your willingness to help set-up a three way conversation on Skype or phone calls was very helpful. When conversations got to a point where I didn’t understand something, you were there to help us out. You told me the do’s and don’ts in your country, and the cost for your services are very fair.

First I would note that your understanding of the English language is excellent. Your positive assistance in doing anything to help out. You have a vast knowledge of details in many cities in the Ukraine, and the energy you have for doing many different things. Like in many countries people are primarily after tourist money. You pointed out when people tried to overcharge me. The long days you stay with us for over 12 hours at a time to the days we only met for an hour or two. You where always there.

John Kautza

Dear Nataliya,
Andrea and I would like to thank you again for all you did for us during our stay. It was a bit daunting for us to be meeting a complete stranger who could make or break our visit. I am sure it must have been equally daunting for yourself, not knowing what to expect.

For us it could not have turned out better, you were very professional at what you did but you are also very friendly and real fun to be with. Your attitude to life is great. You made the trip a great success for us.

March 2012 - Andrea and Ian